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Coloring pages is the one of the most affordable way to early child development. Coloring sheets can be used in kids activity from 1.5 years. Let's see what's the use of colorings? Coloring the picture, the child becomes acquainted with it. You can help your child learn new animals or objects from real world. While painting explain to kid what color the object and what it size cam be. All of this will develop perseverance, attention, imagination, as well as kid fulfill his knowledge about the shape and color of the object. The first coloring sheets should be selected with a thick contour and with simple objects which do not have a lot of details. This will facilitate the task of the baby, and a thick contour will not go beyond the boundaries of the object and make the images more accurately, and the child will enjoy the painting. When coloring develops fine motor skills of hands, which is directly connected with the baby thinking, and in the future, these skills will help to master a letter soon. As a child growing up and development of technology coloring amount of fine detail in the picture is increased, and the figure itself becomes more complex. As for the older we have a variety of coloring with the tasks. You can choose where you want to finish coloring the pattern or connect-the-dot. Learn how to draw benefits by looking in the "How to draw", which is in the training colorings. The materials posted on our site are suitable for kindergartens teachers (Early Education Centers). We constantly replenish our site and load it high-quality pictures. We sort the colorings by categories and are doing everything possible to maximize the convenience of our visitors.